What Should You Check Before Traveling for Long Periods

Long car trips are something that many of us do regularly, whether it's to visit relatives, go on vacation, or travel for work. As with most things, preparation is the key to ensuring that everything goes as planned.

Here are our top pre-trip checks to help you drive more safely, avoid unnecessary breakdowns, and make your long trip easier and more enjoyable.


Tires are the only part making contact with the road. That's why keeping them pumped up and well-maintained is important. Inspect them for any holes or big bumps. Also, make sure to clean them once in a while to avoid debris build-up.

Oil Level

Before a long trip, it's good to check the oil level because it's way easier to top it off before your departure. You can do that by popping up the hood and taking a look at the dipstick. Keep in mind that if the levels keep dropping, there might be a leak somewhere.

Coolant And Antifreeze

Coolant is used to cool off your car's engine and make it run smoothly without overheating. If levels depreciate, problems might occur like shutting down or excessive wear.


While it can sound funny, the fuel level is often forgotten. Make sure you check it beforehand and stop by a gas station if it needs refilling. Another tip we can give you is to keep it at least half full at all times, despite your destination.


Batteries can depreciate, especially in very extreme weather. It's good to keep an eye on them by going in for regular battery inspections at a nearby repair shop. Uncharged batteries can leave you stranded or can cause electrical malfunctions.

Dashboard Lights

If you notice a dashboard full of lights that don't turn off, it's best to turn off the car and call for towing services. While it's uncommon, it means there are a lot of things going sideways under the hood. Make sure to bring it right to a repair shop to avoid further complications. 

Do You Need A Check-Up Before A Trip?

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