Parker Auto Repair Services

We can fix Mechanical Problems your vehicle may have. Problems with blown head gaskets, burnt, broken or bent intake or exhaust valves. Timing belt replacement. Cylinder compressions tests, leak down tests, balance pressure tests and other testing to determine what maybe wrong with your engine. We also use digital equipment to help with the aid of diagnosis of your problem. Diesel repairs are also what we can do for you, injector replacements, fuel problems, no starts, poor running you name it we can fix it.

When it comes to electrical it is a very difficult to diagnosis these problems. We do Battery’s, alternators, computer reflashing ( Which gives updates to your on board computers ) and any electrical part on your vehicle. Most vehicles are running with on board computers that really make it a challenge. Your transmission and engine are controlled by the computer so you need to determine if it is a transmission issue or an engine issue. Then the wiring in your vehicle needs to be inspected and that is no easy task. We can check your battery all the way to watching the wave patterns in a fuel pump to determine if it is going out. We have the Manufacture scan tools for the big 3 American motors. We can repair any electrical problem you have we diesel or gas vehicles, even you trailer.

As far as engine repairs go we can replace your engine. Engine replacements go as this Brand new engines no such thing unless you take them off the assembly line at the manufacture. Most engines are Remanufactured meaning they need to be put back to original manufacture specifications and come with a 3 year unlimited mileage warranty. Rebuilt engines are repair what is broken and just fix those items, comes with a 12 month 12,000 mile warranty. Used is from a junk yard that was in a vehicle that was running but most likely got wrecked. But has low mileage. These are usually good options for some people that don’t want to keep the vehicle long term. The other options is to let us overhaul you engine which we can do where most shops wont. See here we want to repair you problem not just through p

We can repair your transmission if is a Manuel or Automatic it doesn’t matter. Or we can replace it with a remanufactured transmission that comes with all the updated parts. We also do Clutch replacement and Axle replacements. We can rebuild your differential in your vehicle which is difficult for most technicians now a days. No job to big or small.

When it comes to Brake repairs there is a lot of choices out there. Do your research because our brake jobs usually don’t need calipers and master cylinder replacements. Rotors usually can be turned but that is going away due to the metals in the rotors and how thin they are making them. Sometimes it requires a new set of rotors and brake pads. All our technicians are very good at brakes and we do not want you to have to come in twice during brake repairs so we use quality parts.

  1. Mechanical problems
  2. Electrical problems
  3. Engine repairs
  4. Clutch repairs
  5. Brake Repairs
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